Multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Dean Lehman joined IronHorse in 2003, adding multiple keyboards and lush harmony vocals in addition to  instruments like harmonica, banjo, flute, saxophone, and percussion.

Though IronHorse has firm roots in central Ohio, Dean is the only band member who is actually from the Columbus area. He developed his skills in local bands like Rain and Holliday; his loyalty proved as strong as his talent - he stuck with both bands for over ten years each.

IronHorse is his first experience in a national recording/touring act, and he is definitely enjoying the ride. 

Birthday: May 11
Birthplace: Columbus Ohio
Hometown: Pickerington Ohio

Top Five All-Time Favorite Albums:

Spyro-Gyra -   Access All Areas

Keith Urban - Golden Road

Black Oak Arkansas:  Greatest Hits

Ravi Shankar: Greatest Hits

Sheila Chandra: Pontoon

Top Five All-Time Favorite Bands/Musical Acts:

Pink Floyd



John Tesh

Earl Scruggs

Top Five All Time Favorite Movies:


Kama Sutra

Little Buddah

Seven Years in Tibet

Mother Theresa

Best Time Ever On Stage:

IronHorse at Texas Motor Speedway, September 2003

Favorite IronHorse Song:

Haunted Saloon

Favorite Food:

Samosas (An Indian Food)
Cocktail(s) Of Choice:

Long Island Ice Tea

Hobbies/Interests:  Metaphysics, Meditation, Chanting, Eastern Philosophy, Practicing the Banjo



Previous Bands:





IronHorse - "BRING IT ON"

(2004 - Compendia/VTone Records)


Rain/Various Artists

"Q-FM 96 Hometown Album Number 8" (1986)

Columbus Rock station Q-FM released this compilation of local talent, featuring Rain's song "Racine"




Ensoniq ESQ1

Ensoniq S-10

Keyboard Stands, Mic Stands, Banjo Stand, Accessories: 

Ultimate Support Systems


Hohner - Keys of A, B, C, D, E, F, G, including all sharps and flats


Oscar Smith 5 string with built-in condenser mic -  Martin Strings

Acoustic Guitar:

Ovation Celebrity

Tenor and Alto Saxophones:



California Washboard Company 2-in-1 Junior



Various Percussion including Aspire Bongos