Haunted Saloon

On a dirt road headed nowhere, I found a town without a name

Just a crossroads in the desert

Where only ghosts remain


I parked beside the hitching post

Walked through those swinging doors

I swore I heard a cowboy song and boots across the floor


I found a half-full bottle, and poured myself a glass

Listening to the echoes of a long-forgotten past

I could almost smell the cheap cigars and the scent of sweet perfume

Where lovers cried and outlaws died

In that old haunted saloon


It was shortly after sundown, and I heard voices fill the room

I knew that I was not alone

In that old haunted saloon

Then I saw a lovely lady, a vision dressed in white

I heard a bottle breaking - and the sound of a gunfight


The lady took a bullet - her white dress turned to red

One cowboy knelt beside her

The other turned and fled

And then I heard two horses take off into the hills

A final round of gunfire

And everything was still

Yeah everything was still


I paused for just a moment before I left the room

And saw fresh blood on the dance floor

Of that old haunted saloon, yeah


On a dirt road headed nowhere

I went back to find that town

But when I reached the crossroads it was nowhere to be found


But somewhere in the badlands, beneath a desert moon

Where lovers cried and outlaws died

There's an old haunted saloon

Aw Yeah...


(Ronnie Keel/Jay Rusnak)

(c) 2004 Native Dog Music (ASCAP)